About Key T Wellness Center

The Key T Wellness Center is all about helping our patients unlock their true potential. For all of us, age begins to diminish our energy, our looks, and our health. Our goal is to provide the products and services necessary to stave off or at least slow down these typical issues.

Our wellness center was established to give every patient the opportunity to look and feel young and healthy again. Whether a patient is suffering from decreased sex drive, menopause, wrinkles, or weight gain, the Key T Wellness Center can address all of these issues. Our health professionals only provide products and services that have been proven to work.

Medically Proven To Get Results

We offer various methods to help our patients achieve their health and wellness goals. Here are just some of the services we provide at our Dickinson wellness center:

  • Body Composition: For patients who are experiencing weight gain, our InBody 570 measures fat, muscle, and body water levels. This quick and hyper-accurate test provides immediate and highly detailed results that can help you pinpoint the precise needs within your body.
  • Nutritional counseling: Understanding your body isn’t always easy. Receiving nutritional counseling can help solve a lot of problems and help you discover what your body and mind really need from your diet.
  • Hormone replacement therapy: Key T Wellness provides hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for men and women. Whether the patient is having problems with sex drive, energy levels, or hot flashes, our health and wellness clinic can help.
  • Aesthetics: Keeping our patients beautiful inside and out is simply what we do at Key T Wellness. From cryosurgery to Botox injections, we use only the best methods to achieve our patients’ goals.

Our patient AND employee centered organization is what sets us apart. Our QRS philosophy focuses on “Quality employees,” Results driven care,” and “Superb service.” With this philosophy, it is no wonder why patients are so satisfied and why over half of our new patients are by patient referral, telling others how great we are. There’s no better compliment!


When it comes to serving our patients, we always pursue excellence. Each staff member at our wellness clinics provide excellent customer service by answering questions about health insurance, the specific procedure, and any other concerns.

We are dedicated to the satisfaction, health and beauty of all of our patients. Contact Key T Wellness in Dickinson today and schedule your appointment with us so that we can help you unlock your true potential.