How Body Composition Can Help With Diabetes

As of 2015, nearly 10% of the United States population had received a diabetes diagnosis. This largely publicized and greatly misunderstood disease is clearly an issue in the US. With November being National Diabetes Awareness Month, it is the perfect time to discuss how we can prevent or improve the condition. Here at Key T, we strive to achieve optimal health for all our patients, including those with diabetes or pre diabetes.


Some people are born with Diabetes. This is the case for those with Type I Diabetes, where the body cannot produce its own insulin. In these cases, working with a healthcare provider and our nutritionist team at Key T can help manage symptoms, and help those with Type I Diabetes live a completely healthy and normal life. In the case of Type II Diabetes, the disease is developed over time. One tool that we can utilize at Key T to help individuals who may be at risk for diabetes, or have it already, is our InBody 570. Many studies have proven that even those people who are thin, but with a high percentage of body fat to lean body mass (bones, muscle, and water) can be at risk for diabetes. Our InBody 570 scanner is the most accurate way to read your body composition.


Understanding your body composition is the most important tool in preventing or managing Type II Diabetes. Studies have shown that strength training exercise is the most effective way to prevent Type II Diabetes. Even for those not at serious risk for diabetes, increasing muscle mass is the best way to lower your chances of developing diabetes in the future. Since diabetes can affect overall muscle strength, incorporating resistance training into your workout routine is the best way to stay healthy, with or without diabetes.


As we have mentioned many times on our blog, the scale is one of the least accurate measurements of your progress. It can feel frustrating to continue to look at the scale and see no change. That is where our body composition measurements can help. If you have been diagnosed with Type II diabetes or prediabetes, the first step is to come into our Dickinson office for an initial appointment. We can run an initial InBody scan, and show you where your starting point is. From there, you will be able to work with our nutritionists to develop a plan that is right for you. After a period of time, we will schedule another scan, to see if your body composition has changed. If your muscle mass is increasing, and your body fat is decreasing, we are on the right track.


Over time, we will work with you to continually increase muscle mass to a healthy level, and reach your body composition goals. This works well for anyone, from those who are obese to those who are of a normal weight with a high body fat percentage they would like to change. Both of these cases can be at equal risk for diabetes.


Whether you have been informed by your doctor you are at risk, or have already been diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes, schedule a consultation with us today. Our goal is to keep everyone in the Dickinson area healthy and happy for a lifetime. No matter what your goals are, we can help you achieve them. Give us a call today, for a healthier tomorrow.

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