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hormone replacement therapy in dickinson

Treat Yourself To Hormone Replacement Therapy

The holidays are the perfect opportunity to treat yourself! If you have been suffering from hormone imbalances, it may be time to schedule your hormone replacement therapy consultation. Symptoms can often range from weight gain, loss of lean muscle mass, to loss of bone density, and more. No two pateints will experience symptoms in the same way, which is why we offer fully personalized treatment plans for each patient.  Treat yourself to a healthier, happier you this season with HRT here at Key T Wellness.

Hormone Replacement Therapy in Dickinson

Hormone Replacement Therapy For The Holidays

This holiday season, take care of you. Hormone replacement therapy is a process- for both men and women- which allows you to get back to feeling like yourself. Hormone deficiency in men and women is a condition that can keep you from feeling like you. You could be experiencing weight gain, loss of lean muscle mass, loss or bone density, and many other symptoms. Get back to feeling like yourself with hormone replacement therapy this holiday season.

Young woman recieves Botox from Key T Wellness Dickinson Office

Alternative Uses For Botox In Our Dickinson Office

Botox is probably one of the most widely know aesthetic procedure in the world. Everyone seems to be talking about it. However, what many people do not know is how simple and easy this injection is. You can be in and out of our office within your lunch break. It sounds too good to be true- but its not. Not only is Botox able to help with things such as fine lines and wrinkles, but many other things as well. This aesthetic treatment can work wonders for so many different people. If you are looking to get Botox in Dickinson or the surrounding greater Houston area, call us today!


Botox is the leading cosmetic treatment for visible lines and wrinkles, but this injection can do so much more. If you are someone who has suffered from migraines your whole life, Botox can be life-changer. Botox is a neurotoxin that relaxes the muscles at the injection site. While this sounds a little scary- most people see the word neurotoxin as a bad thing- it really isn’t. This semi-permanent treatment can help reduce migraine pain by interacting with the nervous system. As with any treatment involving Botox, the effects are not permanent, and last around 4-6 months. Injections should be on this schedule for long term treatment.


Did you know Botox can also be used to treat excessive sweating? While this condition is not in any way harmful, it can be something many are self-conscious about. Reducing this excess sweat can be a great way for men or women to get that extra boost of confidence they are looking for in the gym or everyday life. Injections can be made in common areas where excessive sweating occurs, like the underarms. Botox is able to block the chemical signals sent by the nerves to the sweat glands, reducing the amount of sweat these glands produce. After about one week, effects are noticeable. As is always the case with Botox injections, the results are semi-permanent. You can expect to schedule injections approximately every six months for this treatment.


Whether you have been considering Botox for a more youthful look, or hoping to find a solution for something completely different, Key T Wellness is here to help. These examples are just a few of the many things that Botox can do for you. If you are looking to get Botox in Dickinson or the greater Houston area, call our office today!

Cryosurgery can help with the removal of skin tags, warts, moles, and skin cancer at Key T Wellness in Dickinson

Is Cryosurgery Right For You?

If you have skin tags, warts, or age spots and are looking for a simple way to remove them and reveal the beautiful skin underneath, cryosurgery may be a great option for you. Cryosurgery is the process of using extreme cold to freeze cells, thus killing them and causing the body to shed these dead cells. Cryosurgery can be a viable treatment for benign skin lesions, and is also used to remove skin cancer cells in some cases. With minimal to no recovery time, this aesthetic procedure is a simple way to improve the appearance of your skin in no time at all.

world diabetes day is November 14, make a lifestyle change with key t wellness

Today Is World Diabetes Day- What Can You Do For A Healthier Life?

November is diabetes awareness month, with World Diabetes Day being today, November 14th. Diabetes is a serious disease that affects more than 10% of the United States population. Nearly 87% of persons with diabetes are considered obese. If your doctor has diagnosed you with diabetes, or let you know your health puts you at risk, it is time to take action. Luckily, there are lots of ways to manage and prevent diabetes with Key T Wellness.


The first step to developing a plan to prevent or manage diabetes is scheduling a body composition scan. Our state-of-the-art InBody 570 scanner is the most accurate way to determine your body composition. Body composition tells us what percent of your body mass is fat, bone, muscle, and water. This helps us create a baseline to move forward from. Our expert team will walk you through what your scans mean, and how your results can be improved. We will also discuss your health goals. From there, we can create a personalized plan that can help direct you on the path to preventing or managing diabetes.


While exercise is the most important part of working towards preventing diabetes, our diets also are a major factor. WIthout a healthy, balanced diet, all the exercise will get you nowhere. After your InBody 570 scan, we will be able to create a diet plan that works for you. Through the whole process, our nutritionists will help you stay on track. We can work with your dietary needs to create a meal plan that is healthy as it is delicious. Eating a balanced diet doesn’t have to be boring, in fact, it shouldn’t be boring at all.


After a period of time, we will check for results with a second InBody 570 scan. This is also a great time to meet with your primary care doctor to discuss your results, and how they affect your risk. The goal for all our diabetes patients is an increase in muscle mass, and a decrease in fat. As we talked about in our previous blog, increasing muscle mass is the number one way to prevent and manage type II diabetes.


Even after your second scan, we recommend continuing your work with our nutritionists, and scheduling additional scans as you continue to progress. Being healthy is a lifestyle change. It is not something that you can make happen overnight. However, with dedication to making a change, and lots of patience, you can make a major impact on your health. Getting regular InBody 570 scans can help track your progress, and make sure everything you are doing is working well for you. As your body changes, so will your nutritional needs. Our nutritionists will help you continue to adjust your diet for your changing health.


The best feeling is being able to achieve your goals, and setting new ones in their place. At Key T, we believe that a healthy lifestyle is for all people, of all ages. No matter where you start, we love to help our patients achieve their optimal health. Whether you want to be stronger, faster, or just feel better, we have a plan that can help. Fighting diabetes starts with you. Make the commitment to a healthier lifestyle today. Give us a call to set up an appointment.


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