Body Composition

At Key T Wellness in Dickinson, we only offer the very best in body composition analysis technology. We use the InBody 570, which provides accurate and in-depth body composition information, including fat, muscle, and total body water measurements. Through these measurements, the total body water is divided into intracellular and extracellular water, which assists in reading a person’s fluid distribution for medical or fitness purposes.

Body Composition readings are much more accurate than BMI readings. Want more information about body composition? Watch the following video:


This state-of-the-art technology conducts the full test of body measurements in about 45 seconds (ranges from 15 to 120 seconds). There is no dunking, pinching or discomfort. Simply stand on the InBody 570, hold the electrodes and receive your reading. Our health professional will immediately go over the test results with you to ensure you understand every aspect of the readings. Along with receiving your test results, these are saved using cloud software so that they are always available. The InBody 570 also provides segment-by-segment looks into the lean mass of the body in various parts. This displays valuable information regarding how diet and exercise are affecting the body. This technology can also identify areas in the body that have inflammation, swelling or injuries. By utilizing the InBody 570 Body Composition History chart, we are able to track the issues within the body over time and give true, meaningful direction on what areas best to address and ow best to do this. At our wellness clinic in Dickinson, we can determine if fat, muscle or water was lost or gained and better interpret what your “weight” really means. Is it fat, muscle or water that created the change? For the best results, it is recommended to undergo a body composition test with the InBody 570 about every four weeks.


The body is made up of water, protein, fat, and minerals. Now you can find out how much of each are in your body. Interested in finding out more about your body? Then contact the Key T Wellness and schedule your body composition test with the InBody 570. Our health professionals look forward to providing you with all the information you need to maintain or pursue the healthiest you possible.