Cryoprobe Cryosurgery

For the treatment of skin imperfections, Key T Wellness uses the Cryoprobe, which is the single most innovative technological advance in cryosurgery (application of intense cold) in decades. The Cryoprobe is a technologically advanced device for removing skin lesions and other skin imperfections, quickly, safely, effectively, and with accuracy to the millimeter. The Cryoprobe has set new standard for superb aesthetic outcomes in treating skin imperfections.

How Does the Cryoprobe Work?

Cryoprobe treatments are hassle-free and do not require any kind of anesthesia or follow-up care. For fast and effective results, the Cryoprobe combines three factors:

  • Accuracy – Different applicator tips can be used to target treatment areas from a pinpoint of 1mm to a width of 20mm or more. This precision allows the trained medical provider to treat lesions of any size or shape without affecting healthy surrounding tissue. This greatly reduces the pain often associated with cryosurgery, and also reduces the potential for repeat treatments. The Cryoprobe is the only cryosurgery device that can treat an area as small as 1 mm. Even tiny areas around the eyes can be treated, which has never been possible before.
  • Ultra Cold – The Cryoprobe uses nitrous oxide canisters for optimum freezing power. The nitrous is sprayed directly into the lesion at a constant -127° F. This is far more controlled and effective than using “can” alternatives. Treatments are fast and effective
  • High Pressure – The Cryoprobe emits a fine jet of nitrous oxide under very high pressure, 725 psi (pounds per square inch). This means that the freezing power of the Cryoprobe can penetrate faster to the bottom of the lesion and can go deeper into the lesion, freezing down to a full 5 mm. This has the added benefit of dramatically reducing treatment time.
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