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Key T Wellness in Dickinson is dedicated to providing every patient the essentials to continue or to start living well. Our wellness centers provide numerous health-focused and body rejuvenating services, like hormone replacement therapy, weight composition analysis, weight loss treatment, and nutritional counseling. At Key T Wellness, we understand the urgency behind helping people get back to living their best lives. Statistics continue to prove that many Americans suffer from bad health decisions, Key T Wellness is here to combat those bad choices and help lower those statistics. At our Dickinson wellness center, our goal is to help you unlock your potential.


It’s more than just testosterone for men and estrogen for women. Find out how hormone replacement therapy works.

Body Composition

Receive the most accurate and comprehensive body composition analysis on the market at Key T.


What should you eat? How should you exercise? What is your next step? Our professionals can help.


Look and feel your best at any age. From Botox to Cryosurgical procedures, Key T can help peel back the years.

Accepted Insurance Plans

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InBody 570

The InBody 570 provides a non-invasive and pain-free approach to discovering accurate body composition. At the Key T Wellness, we utilize this latest innovative technology to provide our patients with comprehensive results that they can view personally. Now you can find out where you stand with your weight and how it is affecting your health. Discover the inner truth about your muscle, fat, and body water with the InBody 570.


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